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Its Time to Believe

No good thing will God withhold from those who walk uprightly. When you have a heart to please God and when you live a life of excellence and integrity being your best each day, living with purpose and passion and a desire to help others. God’s promise is that He will not withhold what you need to become you or what He has created you to be. He will not withhold wisdom, creativity, good breaks, the right connections, strength, joy or victory AMEN!!! Psalm 30:5 – Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. 

We need to move from I don’t think it will happen attitudes to I KNOW IT WILL HAPPEN ATTITUDES. I am a prisoner of Hope I can’t get anything from it, I just can’t make myself NEGATIVE. I just can’t make myself complain. Hope feeds my faith and lifts my Spirit. If we believe in it, then we see it. Hebrews 10:35. Do not cast away your confidence, for it will richly be rewarded.

When you are going through the ups and downs, I (i.e. me) call it being in labor, that is,  you’re about to give birth but all you need to do is keep pushing. AMEN!!! The enemy would not be fighting so hard if he knew he was about to lose his grip on you.

It’S TIME TO BELIEVE. My time is coming, I’ve been giving and giving. I haven’t seen a lot of results, but that’s okay. I know my time is coming. I am not discouraged. I know my time is coming. I know God is in control. At the right time He will bring the right person. My time is coming.

Hope is all about believing that the promise God put in you will come to pass. Draw the line in the sand and say “That’s it, I’m done being complacent. I’m done setting for mediocrity, I believe every dream, every promise, even the secret petition of my heart will come to fulfillment”. If someone does you wrong, instead of getting negative and bitter, your attitude should be, They just did me a favor. They just qualified me for double. And I believe my time is coming. I will come out with twice the peace, twice the victory. Psalm 31:15 – God my times are in your hands

This is an excerpt from Joel Osteen’s book ‘Your Best Life Now’ which I bought in 2010. I’ve read it twice now.

You! Yes You! Its time to Believe

Jois Donkor