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The fact that I’m breathing today, Is because of the one I Love

He said I did not choose Him, but He chose me and made me soar higher than a Dove

I’m glad I have a relationship with you

Cuz without you there is nothing I can do


Not a day goes by that I do not think about you

And the wonders you do


Not a day goes by that we do not communicate

So why shouldn’t I appreciate


You are the lover of my soul

This cannot be compared to the Kenkey in my Bowl


You are the king of Kings

The prince of peace

The Lord of Lords

Great are your Works


Who can be compared to you?

Father who can I say is like you


At the mention of your name every knee bows

That’s why I can bring strongholds down


Today I stand here declaring your goodness

Because without you, Lord all of me is foolishness


So why shouldn’t I Thank you

When all I do is Breakthrough


You mean more to me than my Achievements

And therefore to say Father I thank you and I love you Lord will be an understatement.


                                                    Written by Jois Donkor

                                                   Inspired by the Holy Spirit

I am one grateful being.

Jois Donkor