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Barrier Breaker of the Month of August 2021

Our Barrier Breaker of the Month of August 2021 is…

Abraham Josei, winner of Africell be a star Gambia edition. 

I never had the passion or drive to be on ‘Africell be a star’ because I was already used to my local church setting and ministering for local church programs. I never really wanted to push myself to be that big because I thought that it was not a necessity. I usually go to an area in Senegambia where I saw the Africell be a Star billboard. I said to myself “wow the person that will win this will be a big blessing”. Now when I see the billboards with my face on it, I just laugh because I never imagined that it would be me.

What pushed you into the Competition?

I was used to doing things low key and in my comfort zone. I had to tell myself that “boy you have been in your comfort zone for too long” and when God speaks a word of prophesy through someone, you must take that step or a leap of faith to fulfill it. They say, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a step” and I had to just step out of that box or that ice that I had myself in to go and accomplish greatness. People prophesied it but I had to take that step and show what I had been doing low key. I have been practicing in church and doing this thing for a long time. Our pastor used to preach that you’re the light of the world, you’re the salt of the earth but even the bible says go into the world and preach the gospel. I saw that as an opportunity to go into the world.

Jois: At the Barrier Breakers Corner, our slogan is ‘Stepping out on Faith and Defying the Odds’. And yes one may have received a prophesy, or had this yearning to do something but it does not just happen by magic. You need to start somewhere or work towards it.


I was used to doing gospel music but in competitions like these you get to meet different people who sing different genre’s of music so you will be made to sing those different genre’s. I had to constantly tell myself that you always have to step up your ‘A’ game. Even if they tell you to do this, you have to subject yourself knowing that you’re in this competition and you have a goal ahead. They always gave us a song that I was not comfortable doing because the time period was short to prepare. I was not used to me getting up everyday rehearsing 24/7. Secondly there was the voting part where you had to tell people to vote for you, I never knew that was in me to do.


I never had interest in singing. My brother was the one into singing and playing the keyboard. I was more interested in sports and dancing, but it was inside me because I grew up around the music setting. I was part of the children’s choir at my local church. I looked up to my brother and was inspired by him. I always heard him doing vocal exercises, write songs, play the keyboard and bit by bit he drew me closer until he travelled and then I became the leader of the children’s choir. Also at twelve years old I was part of the Awake Ministry competition and that’s where my music journey started.

How did your parents feel?

They have always supported me especially my mom. She will tell me, “Abraham, you did not come in an ordinary manner to this world. I knew I dedicated you to God”. She always reminded of how great I am. They respected what I loved doing. There was a time during the competition where they invested extra money than they would have from their personal funds into voting for me. My brother was ready to sell his phone and laptop. My family was my number one support.


Whatever you do, wherever you go, learn to put God first. If you go somewhere one day and get lost, just remember where you’re coming from. This was the greatest gift that my parent gave me ‘Knowing God’. They made me know that I was on this earth not because of them but because of God and my calling.

Also pain is part of the journey so embrace the pain. God will never allow you to attain a certain height if you have not gone through bruises. You need to always be in a place of readiness of I am going through this trial because God wants to take me to the next level. The journey is never smooth, there are always hurdles.

Abraham: During the competition the Director gave me hard songs and I was like why me and he will just look at me and smile and tell me that you have work to do. There was a Spanish song from the movie ‘Money Heist’ that he gave me. He said he kept that song from day one for me because he saw something in me and that I was always bringing my ‘A’ Game.

Jois: God does this to us all the time, He throws hard stuff at us, and He knows we can do it even though it looks big and hard at the same time and sometimes it’s like God why me? But the Bible says God will not give you more than you can carry.

Abraham: Once God gives you a task, Grace is released. I also think the test is to move you to the next level.

What do you know now that you wish you had known when you were younger?

Learn to be at the right place at the right time. Don’t procrastinate. When I was young, I used to get so many things done late and at the end the results were not pleasing. Thank God for Wisdom, I grew up. Once it’s time to work, work, when it’s time to rest, rest, etc. There’s time for everything.

PROCRASTINATION – Is the arrogant assumption that God owes you another chance to do tomorrow what He gave you a chance to do today – Bishop Rosie O’Neal.


Abraham: The mind is one powerful place that God has given us. It can be used for good or bad. You need to accept that this is life and it’s not going to be always pleasing. Yes, you have dreams and goals but know that greatness comes from a place of pain and tears. Know that you’re going somewhere but it’s a process.

Jois: Yes it’s a Journey and you are seed in the ground and if you want to get strong roots you have to stay in the ground a little while before you start growing because if your roots are not strong when you get that growth you will wither real fast.

Abraham: Special shoutouts to Everyone that voted and supported me, Thank You so much.

Jois: Thank You too for coming on the podcast. We appreciate you.


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