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Barrier Breaker of the Month of December 2021

Our Barrier Breaker of the Month of December 2021 is…

Francis Lansana (Francis Lans), a young, energetic Afro Gospel Artiste, Singer, Rapper, Song Writer, Video Director and Editor residing in The Gambia.

Are you a full time Gospel Artiste?

Yes, I consider myself a full time Gospel Artiste. However I currently have a lot going on but if there is a clash between my music and other areas, music will always win. So yes, I am a full time Gospel Artiste.

What’s your favorite song from all your songs?

Oh wow! This is a tough one. Every song I released was my favorite in that season but if I’m to choose I would go with “Blessings Rain” This song is so personal to me and it’s the one God used to announce me to the people of The Gambia. The song was birthed out of my intimate relationship with God. Prior to that, I was just floating around with little understanding of who I was. When I finally understood how much God loves me, I wanted to share it with the world and music was the best outlet.

When did you find out you had a passion for music and how did it all start?

The passion for music has always been there. In high school I participated in battle raps, got signed to an independent label after graduation and released a couple of songs but something was off. It did not just feel right singing secular music. As I grew in Christ, I made the decision to change gears and dedicate my voice to Him. I knew my calling was to do God’s work. 

Samuel: That’s very interesting! We all have a calling, a purpose in life. Some have found theirs and others are still searching. It’s amazing that you were able to discover yours sooner.

Benefits and Challenges you have faced so far?

Putting up with people and their criticism was something I struggled with. For someone who had anger issues, I have been in situations where I allowed people’s words get to me and made me act otherwise. But I thank God for a very good friend of mine (Paul) who helped me through that phase of my life.  There are many benefits. I can’t really pinpoint but the whole journey has been an amazing experience. (Link to No Play ft. Paul Rarity )

Samuel: People can be very judgmental and their words can cut deep. Some people can’t handle critics and they shrink but I’m really glad you did not allow that to stop you. Also, having good friends who can support and encourage you in your hardest moments is very vital.

Life lessons

Don’t get me wrong, listening to people’s advice is good but what God says about you is what matters the most. This is one of the best lessons I have learnt so far. I listen to all but only pay attention to few and at the end of the day I go back to God.

Another lesson I have learnt is the importance of believing in me. Apart from music, I have a lot to offer and building confidence is vital. I now have confidence in my photography and video editing skills; this has enabled me to work for myself. Don’t get it twisted, not everyone is meant to be their own boss but find your strength and invest in things that enhance your skills. Even if you are working for someone else, do it to the best of your abilities.

Samuel: Just to add, patience is a virtue. As a young person be patient and don’t rush when making decisions. Spend time working on yourself and in due time you will reach your goals.

What do you know now that you wish you knew when you were younger?

The importance of research. I wished I had spent most of my time growing up researching the things I find interesting. Covid19 had its bad sides but it gave me the time to research more about music and create songs in line with international standards.


Have a relationship with God and cling to Him. He is a sure way out of any situation. In life, have patience. There is a big difference between patience and procrastination. Procrastination will rob you and others off a lot of things. Got an idea? Start working on it! The world is waiting for you to make the move. Other people’s destinies are attached to yours. If you don’t start, they won’t start.

Any last words?

Special thanks to the Host of this podcast. Thanks for having me. Watch out for me, I am cooking something special for 2022. You can also follow me on various social media platforms.

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Thank you Francis for being here. We appreciate you. Please follow him on all his social media accounts, listen to his songs and stream his music.

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