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About Us

Hello and Welcome to the Barrier Breakers Website. My name is Jois Donkor pronounced as Joyce (Yup different spelling and Nope I did not change the spelling when I moved abroad). 

I am the first of six girls, a Ghanaian by birth, moved to The Gambia as a young girl with my parents, went to University in the UK and recently moved to the US. I speak Twi (native Language), a lil bit of Ga (native Language), Wolof (Gambian Language) and Creole (Sierra Leonean Language). By the way, I have never been to Sierra Leone. 

I graduated in 2013 with a Masters in Finance. I love figures but my passion is youth, young adults and children which is why we have Barrier Breakers.

I founded the Barrier Breakers because over the years I came across different people from different countries, different ages and different walks of life who in one way or the other settled. They got comfortable, were tired of fighting because of how life had dealt with them, they allowed society set limitations for them or even allowed family to interfere with their growth.

My desire with Barrier Breakers is to annihilate the assumption that we cannot break barriers. This will be done through my blog, youtube and having conversations with everyday people that have been able to break barriers so we can learn from them and not limit ourselves. There is more on the other side of Breaking that Barrier. You will not know unless you do. 

Hold on….. Even I am Breaking Barriers in doing this afraid. 

Join me as we Break Barriers and set ourselves free from every Limitation cuz we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13).


Jois Donkor